Mar 082013

Recycling Center Electrified Security Fence Project #2

We did a number of electrified perimeter security arrays for recycling centers this past year. In this one we used railroad tracks for the corner posts because they had a large quantity available, and 4″ x 14 ft. steel posts cost $350 each. The customer elected to cut the rails to 16-18 ft.

In the following videos you’ll see that we tried to just push them into the ground, a trick that worked with black soil. In this case, however, the ground was hard yellow clay, and we couldn’t push the poles more than a couple feet into the ground.

In the end we rented a Bobcat with a 6″ x 8′ auger, and dug holes for the posts.

Clicking on a photo below opens the high res version in a new window or tab:

Gate and end post.

Corner post detail. 3/8″ eye bolts were strong enough to take the tension, yet inexpensive.

Self-insulating idler post detail. Built with ring insulators for intimidation – cotter pins could also be used to hold the wire to the posts.

Another detail shot of the self-insulating idler posts.

We torched holes in the rail flange
and used eye bolts to attach
to the insulators, and then the fence

Daisywheel tensioners are less expensive than the self-insulating fence tensioners seen in the corner details photos, above.

The bottom wire is hot, and we try to keep it at least 4″ above ground level.

Compression tension springs.

Coming around an outside

One man drove by and
commented, “Must be some
mighty tall cows!”

Many States require warning signs in both English and Spanish.

Warning signs are spaced every 30 ft., or closer.

This section of the fence was
built as freestanding because
existing fence was not very

Because of the condition of the existing fence, we made this section freestanding. The insulated posts are 18″ deep in the ground. The tension on the wire is what holds the posts up.

Inside corner detail, with insulators only, attached to eye bolts with a length of wire.

Our favorite photo. It looks like the Jurassic Park fence, doesn’t it?

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