Nov 032012

Chicken farm in Toledo, Cebu, the Philippines. Actually, it’s a cock farm. These chickens sell for $500 to $1,000 US, each.

The farm is spread across 2-3 hectares, or about 10 acres. It’s surrounded by 40-50 poor families.

Each night the owner was losing 30-50 chickens, or over $25,000 US. The neighbors were poor and starving, and stealing them for food.

So the owner added guards – and more guards, and more guards. When we arrived onsite he had 25-30 guards on duty each night, and was paying over 50 full-time guards for 24/7 security.

He was still having chickens stolen every day and night, but the guards cut it down a lot.

The day we installed the Fence Hawk security fence, theft went to zero. It didn’t just drop by 90%, or 98%, it dropped to zero.

Of course, after a few days the owner was able to start laying off guards, until he was down to a handful who would respond if the fence was cut or vandalized.

In this case, the Fence Hawk electrified perimeter security system paid for itself after one night’s operation.

Clicking on a photo opens the high res version in a new window or tab:

We used the existing barbed wire fence, and electrified it with our standard Mag 12 energizer, with a Fence Hawk monitor.

The chicken coops.

Each cock has its own shelter.

The newer side of the farm – cock shelters.

Dogs are dogs, everywhere we go.


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