Jun 162014

In July ’13 we completed this fence at a contractor’s storage yard. This is a good example of an attached perimeter security fence using the solid existing chain link fence, and PasturePro posts for minimal loss of yard space.

They kindly gave us permission to use them as a reference, and publish their address:

2250 Bonnie Mine Road
Bartow, FL


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It’s 1/4 mile South of Hwy 60, just East of Mulberry, FL. It’s the first business on the left after you cross the railroad tracks.

Also of interest: On the corner of Hwy 60 and Bonnie Mine Road is a competitor’s fence that was built about 6 months before we put up our fence. So with one visit you can get an almost side-by-side comparison of the two products.

A few photos of our fence. Clicking on any photo will bring up the high rez version of it, about 2 mb ea.

Note the spare fence energizer and Fence Hawk monitor/sensor on the top shelf. We leave you everything that might be needed to repair the fence – wire, crimps, tools, high voltage meter, energizer, Fence Hawk, schematics, wiring diagrams, the works – and teach you how to do it. Anything that might go wrong can usually be fixed in ten minutes.

You don’t have to be very far away before the electric security fence disappears from view.

Up close, however, the fence is intimidating even when it’s not energized.

Because of the weight of the additional steel and insulated posts, we added wheels to the swing gates.

This is an 8 ft. perimeter security fence attached to a 6 ft. chain link fence. We build to any height desired, but 8 ft. is all that’s needed.

It’s good practice to keep the High Voltage wires 6 inches apart at all times. The black ones are the insulated HV wires.
Contact us for a free quotation – we offer turnkey systems, do-it-yourself packages, and any level of assistance that you may need.

A drop of glue to keep the signs from shifting in high winds.

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  1. Hi,

    My family and I are contemplating immigrating back to the States in order to be closer to our US family, and I am trying to network and ascertain what opportunities might present themselves for someone in my industry and speciality.

    I presently own an electric fence consultancy (specializing in manufacture and installation) in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been involved in the industry for some 20 years.

    I would appreciate your guidance in this regard.

    Kindest Regards,
    Jens Wildemann
    South Africa

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